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Action & Support

They say it takes a village and Manhattan By Sail is testament to the fact that you're only as good as the people that surround you. We'd be much worse off without the groundwork laid by the city and non-profit entities that support of our business and others. In return, we hope to be good neighbors - below are just some of the organizations that we actively promote and contribute to.

nyc&co - the inimitable tourism marketing arm of NYC; an invaluable resource to visitors & the city's attractions

Downtown Alliance - the place for individuals and businesses alike to be in the know about all things downtown

LOMA - connecting everyone doing business downtown in a meaningful way to better promote ourselves

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council - educating those living and visiting downtown about all that is has to offer

Historic Ships Coaltion - a wonderful organziation that acts as a venue for owners and operators of historic vessels in NYC to connect with each other and act as a united front in support of the harbor

Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance - an coalition of entities afilliated with the waterfront in the NY metropolitan area, working to improve and bring recognition to all that the waterfront has to offer.

Waterfront Musuem - a fantastic little gem situated in Red Hook, Brooklyn, bringing education and awareness about unexpected vessels and harbor activity to its visitors, it its own weird little way

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