Kids Programming

Kids' Programming

One of the most thrilling pieces of our business is getting to share the experience when someone comes out sailing for the first time. This rings most true when those first-timers are kids. We participate in a number of programs that bring NYC kids on board to help us sail and get a taste for the salty life!

UA NY Harbor School logoUrban Assembly New York Harbor School is a small public high school located on Governors Island. Our rigorous, college preparatory curriculum teaches on water job skills and environmental stewardship by utilizing New York City’s waterways.

Each season, we take on a few of these talented students as deckhands on the Clipper City. They work alongside the crew, bettering their boating abilities and vessel maintenance skills - at least one member of our current crew was hired from this program. In 2013, we even had one student working as a marketing coordinator in the office, as well.


harbor camps Each summer, the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, a fantastic organization in the business of promoting all things to do with NY Harbor, offers low cost, educational programming to camp/student groups coming from all parts of NYC.

Team building and sailing on the Clipper City has proven to be the highlight of programs offered to these groups of eager young sailors - we hosted more than 600 participants in 2013 alone!

The students help raise sails, learn to tie knots, read charts, read a compass and more. Often touted as the best thing they've done all summer, this is the field trip not to be missed!


bk boat works Working inside NYC schools, Brooklyn Boat Works helps young   people develop skills through the building and use of small boats - definitely the best way to learn!

These young craftspeople actually build and rig, by hand, wood hulled boats from scratch. Quite the feat and to celebrate their accomplishment, join Manhattan by Sail on board our big beautiful wooden sailboat, the Shearwater.

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