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Classic Schooner

a large ship in a body of water

Hand-built in 1929 from native hardwoods, the 82-foot schooner Shearwater harkens back to a bygone era of yachting. One of New York City’s only floating designated landmarks, Shearwater has been taking New Yorkers and the city’s visitors sailing in the harbor since 2001. She celebrated her 90th birthday in 2019 and still going strong and sailing gracefully. The Gatsby-era yacht comfortably accommodates up to 48 passengers and departs daily from lower Manhattan’s North Cove Marina on public sails and private charters.


Tall Ship

a large ship in a body of water

An imposing 158-ft. long, with masts and rigging reaching up 120 feet from the deck, New York’s largest and most elegant sailing vessel accommodates up to 134 passengers. A replica of the lumber-hauling schooners that drove America’s industry more than a century ago, Clipper City was built in the mid-1980s using plans purchased from the Smithsonian. Designed with her new cargo in mind (i.e. you), her decks are spacious and comfortable, with ample seating, a full bar amidships and a raised quarter deck back aft that allows for unparalleled views of the city and it’s harbor. The Clipper City departs daily from Pier 17 at 89 South Street in New York.